5i3K Online Classes

Soon you need to be in the job market or work in the office, are you fully prepared for the skills that your dream job requires? Tell me what you need and we will design a unique class…


Resume and Cover Letter Editing

Your resume is not your bio, it is your best marketing tool. Your cover letter should not be the expansion of your resume, it is the best chance for you to touch HRs’ hearts…


Mock Interview

You almost got the offer! Are you nervous for the last step to get in your target companies? Don’t worry! Your mentors will guide you through the process and share their successful experience. 


Career Consultation

You have no clue about which job or industry you should do? You are not sure about where shoul be your future career? You don’t know which job has bigger chance to get the H1B? No worries…


Internal Referral

Companies with 1,000 or more employees fill 27 percent of jobs through internal referrals. We will refer you to a company that matched your background and qualifications…


VIP Coaching

You have very little or even no work experience and you need somebody to help you know yourself, your strengths and your career. Or you need a dedicated mentor to inspire, guide and help you with your career goal…




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