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Fairy X

State Street

Fairy got Applied Math Master degree from Northeastern University. During school, she worked as Teaching Assistant for a whole year with over 50 students in Finance Major. Regularly give presentation to students for Matlab, R and SAS. After graduation, Fairy worked as a Tealeaf/ Watson Data Analyst for Pereion Solutions. And after 8 months, she joined State Street, where she worked as a Business System Analyst…

Bo P

Deloitte Advisory

Bo graduated from Fordham University with a Master degree in Global Finance. Prior to graduation, he interned at two boutique investment banks located in NYC. He has a solid understanding of the nature of investment banking and the required skillset in the industry. Later he made his transfer to Business Valuation in Deloitte Advisory to explore more fields in the finance industry. He enjoys every job he assumes and……

Zack W


Zack has been a tech savvy with 5 years of industry experience. His tech footprint has covered web services, database, linux systems, big data processing and analytics. Recently, he has set foot on the big data/machine learning field. After joining Amazon, he has been working on various of statistical forecasting models, as well as using tools such as Spark, Scala and Hadoop systems.

Jack Z

Mckinsey & Company

Jack graduated from Bentley University with a Master degree in Marketing Analytics in 2012. He join Merkle as a marketing analyst mainly doing statistical modeling and tool development. After a year, he joined Mckinsey & Company, the most prestige management consulting firm, where he started as a research analyst and grew into the team leader role in TMT (high tech, media and telecom) analytics. In the past 3 years with Mckinsey……

Andy X

One of the top companies in tech

Andy got his master degree from New York University. He studied management and economics when he was in undergrad. Without any CS background, he successfully finish his Master degree in Computer Science and got offers from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Dropbox..etc. He now serve as engineer lead in one of the best internet companies in Silicon Valley. Andy has been mentoring people for years in the company……

Guangli H


Guangli got his PhD in ME from Johns Hopkins University in 2012. After graduation, Guangli worked as a Sr. Research Scientist for Corning Incorporated in Reliability and Mechanical Science department. Guangli’s main responsibilities included the new product development, e.g., Gorilla Glasses, as well as customer engagement, e.g, Apple & Samsung. In 2015, Guangli took on the Program Manager position……

Leslie W


Leslie got Master Degree majoring at Computer Engineering from University of California. During school, Leslie interned at Amazon as software engineer. At the 2nd year, he got multiple offers from top tech companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Linkedin. For his full-time job, he worked on different products including ads, logging system, open-sourced data transfer tool……

Angel W

United Nations

Angel graduated from Boston University with a science degree in Economics. During her studies, she worked in a foreign exchange company in London as a data analyst. On the way of figuring out her true passion, she discovered opportunities in media, where she anchored for Voice of America on VOA60 and interviewed many political figures and celebrities. After graduating from college, she started working at the United Nations……

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