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Alvin is currently working as a global product manager and marketing manager at Applied Materials, a Fortune 500 company that provides a full variety of semiconductor equipment being used to manufacture IC chips at Intel, Samsung, etc. With $10+B annual revenue, it is the world leader with market share comparable to the size of 2nd and 3rd competitor combined. In his current role, he manages several semiconductor equipment product lines in the global market with annual revenue of $200+M. He is responsible for defining product roadmap, commercialization strategy, as well as coordinating internal cross-functional teams through entire new product development lifecycle.

At his previous role as a process engineer, Alvin was developing advanced PECVD technology serving leading 3D NAND flash memory customers. Within the first year since joined, he was awarded “Employee of the Quarter”, Top Contributor and taken onto fast promotion track by division executives.

Alvin is passionate in management consulting, as well as bridging business with technology. He founded the Georgia Tech PhD2Consulting club, where he helped 10+ PhD students gained offers from McKinsey and BCG. He also founded the Georgia Tech Volunteer Consulting Group, where he led teams to engage on management consulting projects with external companies.

Alvin has multidisciplinary engineering background and he holds a Ph.D. in Materials Eng. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Eng., from Georgia Tech. Before coming to United States, he obtained his M.S. in Optics, and B.S. in Applied Physics from Beihang University.

Alvin has a strong passion for sharing his experience and helping others to gain their career success. He has been helping alums pursing their career on either high-tech industry or management consulting companies.

Current Company: Applied Materials
Title: Global Product Manager & Marketing
Industry: Semiconductor / High tech / Materials
Previous Company: Apple, 3M, P&G

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