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International Investor Relations

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Angela Chen has experience with international investor relations and foreign capital management. She has facilitated cross boarder transactions in U.S. between China, India, Canada and Australia. Ms. Chen has successfully raised million dollars of foreign investment capital that assisted development in distressed areas in U.S. and creating hundreds of jobs and positive economic impact to the local economy. Angela has experience in fund formation for foreign nationals and experience in sales, financial analysis and deal structure. Previously, she worked as a core member of Encore Globals regional center platform where the team developed over 10 regional centers across the U.S. Ms. Chen currently manages international investor relations for FIG Tree Capital Ventures, a diversified investment and venture capital firm in McKinney Texas. Angela is the vice president of Chinese Association of Science and Technology, and a founding member of Chinese Alumni Network at University of Texas at Dallas. She received her MBA degree in Finance and Real Estate at University of Texas at Dallas.

Title: International Investor Relations

Industry:Real Estate and Private Equity

Previous Company: Encore Enterprises

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