Carson Song

Lead Dev

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Carson has worked 9 years on software development across areas like retail, accounting, geography, finance, and cloud computing. He started his career from a Japanese company, where he learnt OOP, Japanese and SAP. In 2009, he moved to Beijing in 2009, focused on Microsoft technologies and got certified as MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer). By working on Microsoft development, he gained rich experience on OOP, OOD, Multi-threading, Memory Analysis, SQL Optimization, JavaScript/Typescript, Angular, etc. In 2012, joined in 21vianet as senior manager to lead an international team focusing on Azure China Development Support – the public cloud from Microsoft. In 2014, moved to U.S. and lead a team in Boston working on private cloud for financial products.
He has 6 years of management experiences, including experience as an interviewer to select the talent engineers. From his perspective, interview is not just for a job, it’s a path to get inspired, to get polished, to get motivated, to prove what you can, and to fight what you want.</p>

Current Company:Eze Software Group

Title: Lead Dev

Industry:Finance / Hedge Funding

Previous Company: 21Vianet Group, Inc.

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