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Charlie received his PhD in Chemistry from Emory University. After graduation, Charlie worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Boston College. Then, he joined Vertex Pharmaceuticals, where he worked as a process scientist. Through these years training, he has gained a variety of experiences, covering from basic research guidance, resume/cover letter writing, peer-reviewing, career counseling, network and interview skills to green card application; for example, his research accomplishments have been published in highly coveted journals, being cited >500 times; his invention has been commercialized; he has been invited as a peer reviewer by a variety of high-impact journals; his accomplishments have been recognized by a variety of awards such as Chinese outstanding self-financed student abroad; he received an offer in his first job interview and he successfully applied green card by himself. Importantly, Charlie wants to use what he has learned through his unique experience to help and motivate more students in need find their own way to succeed in their career.

Current Company:Biotech company

Title: Scientist


Previous Company: NA

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