Mike Y

Co-head of trading

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Mike is currently taking on multiple roles and responsibilities in an equity hedge fund based in New York. His work ranges from supervising junior traders, initializing the trading of the firm’s global portfolio, to developing statistical trading strategies. He has built a solid understanding of the quantitative hedge fund whole ecosystems. Before joining his current company, Mike graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. He finished in four years with triple major in Computer Engineering, Computational Finance and Statistics with a GPA of 4.0. He started as an analyst in Citi’s Sale & Trading, Quantitative Analysis rotational program during the summer of his junior year. He leveraged his quantitative skills at Equity Portfolio Analysis desk and worked on analyzing clients’ portfolio. He finds his passion across disciplines among computer science, statistics and finance.

Current Company:  A global investment management firm

Title: Co-head of trading

Industry: Hedge Fund

Previous Company:  Citigroup

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