Paul Rui


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Paul graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BS degree in Economics and Johns Hopkins Carey Business School with an MSF degree. During school, he worked for Dreamit Ventures, a venture capital and seed accelerator firm focusing on healthcare. After graduation, Paul worked as an Analyst for Morgan Stanley in the Institutional Equity Division. He has successfully coached for several sessions and participated in multiple speakers series. He looks forward to sharing his insights and techniques in networking, building the well-rounded “package” and landing the offers to others who is ambitious to learn.

High Achiever ~ Analytical ~ Team Player ~ CFA level 2 Candidate

Motivated young professional at Bank of America Merrill Lynch successfully passed CFA level one exam seeking an analyst position

in the greater NYC area. Collaborative team player focused on building relationships and promoting synergy across business lines to

drive positive change and enhance profitability. Fast system-learner and skilled problem-solver with Areas of Expertise in:

 Word, PPT, Excel, Outlook  English, Mandarin, and French  Financial Modeling

 Professional Writing  Business Analysis  Pivot Table, V-lookup

 Equity Valuation  SPSS, R, Crystal Ball  Fundamental Research

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