Suan S

Advisory Consultant

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I’m currently working in Deloitte Advisory to do various financial products pricing including exotic options, complex securities, and private equity. Before Deloitte, I worked in a top 30 hedge fund as the front desk trading risk control, thus I’m quite familiar with various financial products valuation and how to monitor the market risk for them. As a financial engineering student for 6 years, I really accumulated a lot of knowledge on derivatives and as an advisory consultant, I really love to communicate with others how to deal with a valuation problem and how to engage in a team work to contribute yourself. Besides that, I also enjoy sharing my own experience and suggestions to others to help them purchase their desired career path.

Current Company:Deloitte Advisory

Title: Advisory Consultant

Industry:Advisory, Model & Valuation, Risk Management

Previous Company: Moore Capital Management, Deloitte Consulting

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