Yue Z

Data Scientist

Free Consulting


Yue have been working for Software Industry from 2008, after graduate from Chinese Academy of Sciences, he has been working for Chinese IT Giant Tencent and Baidu. He got another Master’s Degree in Boston University, and became Data Engineer for Paytronix and Data Scientist in Staples in America.

Yue have solid background in software engineering and data science field. While in the same, he also has great research background in data mining and machine learning with latest paper published in International Conference of Pattern Recognition (ICPR) 2016. Furthermore, Yue is an excellent teacher who have been teaching in XueErsi Corp as his part-time job in China.

Current Company: Staples Inc.

Title: Data Scientist

Industry: Retail and e-commerce

Previous Company: Paytronix System Inc.

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