Yujie Z

Senior Manager, Digital Analytics

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Yujie got MS degrees in Marketing and Statistics from the University of Alabama and Worcester Polytechnic Institute, respectively. After graduation, Yujie started his career as a Digital Marketing Analyst for Staples, the biggest office supply retailer in North America. During his 2.5-year service, he built a healthy career path which allowed him to move from entry level to senior analyst. Then, he joined CVS, the biggest retail pharmacy chain in the world in 2014, where he started as a Senior Analyst then promoted all the way to Senior Manager in 3-year period. His role include dealing with big sales data, creating dashboards / models and assisting multiple lines of business with online experience enhancement. In addition, he manages a team of five analysts. Yujie has a strong passion for sharing his experience and helping others to be successful. He has been lecturing more than 10 universities in Boston area.

Current Company: CVS Health

 Title: Senior Manager, Digital Analytics

Industry:  Healthcare / Retail / Internet

Previous Company:  Staples, Inc.

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